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Peace, love, and reconciliation

The passing of Father Ubald Rugirangoga in January, 2021, which was a source of grief for all who knew him and his work, did not in any way discourage or deter us from continuing and enhancing his legacy. The Secret of Peace Board of Directors initiated a comprehensive Strategic Planning process in the spring of 2021 which culminated in a road map to realize Ubald’s vision of an expanded Rwandan and worldwide ministry as well as additions to the physical plant and activities of the Center for the Secret of Peace in Cyangugu, Rwanda. 

The Ministry founded by Fr. Ubald has much to teach us about overcoming differences, prejudice, and unforgiveness.  Prayer, healing masses, Christian Listening, workshops on forgiveness and reconciliation are part of the Center’s ongoing mission and ministry to bring healing to those impacted by trauma, abuse, war, poverty, and other conflicts.  

We urge you to join us by participating in our ministry, and if you are able, to help us financially with the necessary funding we need to continue this important work.

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